Online Bible Windows Content Installer


The Online Bible Windows Content Installer for Premium Users

The Online Bible Windows Content Installer is the tool to expand your Basic Pack with a full library of Biblestudy titles. All titles which are available for use with the Online Bible apps for Android, iOS and macOS can be installed with this tool to your Windows computer.

After installing the Content Installer, you can log in with the same Online Bible User Account as used with the Android, iOS and macOS apps. Titles can then be downloaded and installed from the Installer in the same way as it is done under the apps. Even in case you have ordered a title under i.e. Android or iOS.

If you do not have an Online Bible User Account you can create one within the Android, iOS or macOS-app

The Online Bible Windows Content Installer only works if at least the Online Bible Basic Package is already installed. So install this before installing the Content Installer.

A manual for using the Content Installer can be found on the website of Stichting Online Bible Europe.


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