Online Bible Base Pack
version 5.80


Powerful, comprehensive Bible research software. Multiple translations, commentaries and more to aid you in studying the Scriptures

Program Overview

  • Find any Scripture passage quickly by typing in the verse and selecting the translation you want.
  • 660,000 cross references that automatically display according to the verse being researched.
  • Quickly locate a word or phrase in any material using the built–in search feature.

With use of the Online Bible software you do not need an internet connection. Install the Base Pack and you can start.

Basic Pack

  • This Basic Pack / update is completely free
  • Fully functional — will not expire — no nagware or spyware
  • Contains everything you need for in-depth bibleresearch

Operating system

  • Available for Windows (Vista, W7, W8, W8.1 and W10) from this website.
  • Available for macOS, iOS and Android, see

This Basic Pack contains

  • Latest Online Bible application
  • Can be used as update of the software
  • Authorised Version Bible with Strongs-numbers
  • Revised Eastons Bible Dictionary
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Cross References on the whole Bible
  • Hebrew-English Lexicon for the Old Testament
  • Greek-English Lexicon for the New testament
  • Theme Index Notes and Dictionary based on Thompson Chain References and Torrey's Topical
  • Morning and Evening Devotional


Base Pack
File size:
14,4 Mb
Larry Pierce